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Bio In Brief

Someone asked "Who is she?" Lorna Levy is a black woman living in Philadelphia; a person who has read just about everything printed on manifesting and taken all the courses and worked with these ideas for years; an Ivy League MBA; a dancer every weekend; a former management and computer consultant, and a person who, in following her joy, has decided that since she finds the most joy talking about law of attraction, has decided to make this her life's work.

Lorna has been studying metaphysics and law of attraction for over thirty years. Although raised in an intellectual family that scorned superstition and, consequently, religion, she says since she was able to go to the library alone as a little girl, she has been interested in how the world works and why we are here.

Originally wanting to be a physicist, but understanding that girls, particularly black girls, didn’t do that, she first majored in philosophy and then comparative religion as an undergrad. Later, wanting to further her understanding of the mind in the world, she attended The Wharton School of Business, majoring in organizational development.

Lorna has had a varied and successful career with Fortune 100 companies as a systems engineer, management consultant and technical writer specializing in Sarbanes-Oxley compliance documentation. Some of her clients have been:
Deloitte and Touche
American National Standards Institute
Dance Theatre of Harlem
Johnson & Johnson
Arco Chemical
City College of New York
SmithKline Beecham
Ford Electronics
State of New Jersey
JPMorgan Chase

Lorna realized the longest journey any of us ever take is the 18 inches from our heads to our heart. Lorna knew it was time to start living these teachings if she wanted to see results. She received coaching training through Coach U and as a founding member of Coachville, and she draws on her corporate writing experience making complex subjects easily understood. Our thought is the mold thru which consciousness expresses. After having been to seemingly every workshop, read every book, and found the common thread in all the teachings, Lorna’s wisdom is now accessible to all.