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This assessment helps you discover how coachable you are, right now. Coaching requires a high degree of enthusiasm, responsibility, commitment and action. If you are planning on hiring a coach, it is important for you to be at the place in your life where you are receptive. Take this quiz to discover if you are ready for your life to change in wonderful ways!

Click the number which comes closest to representing how true each of the following 12 statements are for you right now. Then, score yourself, using the key at the bottom of the page.

1. Not true for me.
2. Mostly not true for me.
3. About 50% true for me.
4. Mostly true for me.
5. True for me.

1. I view coaching as a long-term approach to creating changes in my life. I am not looking for a quick fix.

2. I accept responsibility for my actions at all times and will not expect the coach to "fix" me, because I know I'm the only one who can make it happen. I am fully ready to do the work necessary to get me where I want to be, and I will let the coach do the coaching.

3. Coaching is the appropriate process for the changes I want to make (as opposed to therapy or a twelve-step program.)

4. I can be relied upon to be on time for all calls and appointments.

5. I keep my word without struggling or sabotaging.

6. I have adequate funds to pay for coaching and will not regret or suffer about the fee. I view coaching as a worthwhile investment in me, NOT as an "expense", and I will not allow finances to be a barrier to the coaching.

7. I am willing to stop or change the self-defeating behaviors which limit my success.

8. I am willing and able to be completely truthful with my coach, and I'm ready to hear the truth from my coach even if it is uncomfortable at first.

9. If I feel that I am not getting what I need or expect from the coach, I will share this as soon as I sense it and ask that I get what I need and want from the relationship.

10. I'm open to trying new things when my coach asks me, even if they aren't completely comfortable or I'm not totally convinced they will make a difference.

11. I am someone who can share the credit for me success with my coach.

12. This is the right time in my life for me to accept coaching.


12 - 24 Not ready for coaching right now
25 - 36 Coachable, but make sure ground rules are honored!
37 - 48 Coachable; benefits will come quickly.
49 - 60 Very coachable; ask the coach to demand a lot from you!

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