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Coaching: Law of Attraction not working so well for you?
You can’t learn the nuances of a deep and ancient teaching from a 90 minute movie. Talk to someone who will guide you through the pitfalls, give you processes and guidance to raise your receiving vibe and teach you to hear your own inner guidance.
Laser Coaching
Monthly Coaching
Full Immersion
Does this stuff really work?
My clients have manifested love, money, new cars, jobs and most of all, confidence in the process. You can do it, too. Read our Law of attraction success stories in two volumes.  Here . . .

What does the Bible have to say about law of attraction?
Jesus spoke about the law of attraction many times. There are quite a few references in  . . . read more

Yes, but is it always working? What about tragedies?
10 Positive Points to remember in times of tragedy. Read more . . .

Everyday Law of Attraction: Finding a Job
One thing I’ve always been able to do easily is create wonderful jobs for myself. Over the years, I’ve taught this skill to many of my clients. Here’s how: Rather than . . . read more

Oprah interviews Abraham!
Oprah says Abe is too risky for her daytime TV audience, but she interviewed Esther and Abraham three times on her XM radio show.  More . . .

Law of Attraction: New Fad or Ancient Wisdom?
How old is law of attraction? Who knew about this before "The Secret"? Jesus? Buddha?
 Read More . . .
Useful Tips for When You Feel Stuck
7 Ways to Get Unstuck

When we feel ‘stuck’ we are there because we are focused more on the lack of what we want than we are on the having of what we want. We are looking at frustration, and at ‘not yet having’. What we look at
. . . read more
Two Versions of The Secret
The newest version, called the Extended Version, substitutes Lisa Nichols for Esther Hicks and Abraham. Esther was not ‘taken out’ of The Secret – she and Jerry requested to be edited out. Their reasons are given here in
a letter from Esther

This is Law of Attraction for folks who are serious about changing their lives. You know who you are: you want to know how it works. You want to read all you can find about it. You ask lots of questions. And you are skeptical until you’ve proven it for yourself. I know. I’m just like you.

We don't give you "fluffy bunny"; thinking here. This is an ancient teaching with roots in every religion, now being validated by discoveries in quantum physics. I show you how to apply Law of Attraction to every aspect of your life. There are over 100 pages of info here. Take your time and look around.

This might not be for you if:

  •  You want someone to do it for you

  •  You have doubts

  •  You want it to happen instantly
  •  You are vested in blaming and complaining.

  •  You believe in fate

  •  You think you can learn it all from one 90 minute movie 

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