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How I Live LOA
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Lorna Levy

How I Live Law of Attraction

From the small to the large . . .living it daily in everything I do
parking spaces
finding lost objects
getting clients I love
when I was working, getting a better job
growing my business
maintaining my Victorian house
making new friends
traveling to wonderful places free
creating loving relationships
having ever increasing success and joy

I prepave my day, and do other processes through the day

knowing my power and
letting my life be easy

You can, too.

As with all practice, you've got to want to do it first. Upon deciding this, I found that after the initial practice period at CONSCIOUS IMAGINATION, it became an AUTOMATIC way of living my days.

That's what I mean by WALKING THE TALK. Abraham-Hicks called this *pre-paving* your day. I am constantly using my thought and imagination to manifest throughout my day. And if something shows up in my reality I DON'T like, I take full responsibility for manifesting/ attracting it and then go about CHANGING my circumstances by consciously imagining what I DO want.