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Law of Attraction

Coaching Programs

5 Minutes, 5 Times a Week - Laser Coaching
Close the Gap - 3 hours per month
Full Immersion Coaching - unlimited access


"Following the Call of Source" Laser Coaching - $89 week
Who: For those who have used and practiced law of attraction for awhile on their own.

Why: When you ask for something, the Source Energy part of you BECOMES what you’ve asked for. Then it gently calls you forward. Many of us have trouble listening to the whisper of it.

How it works: 5 minute calls, 5 days a week
This is laser coaching – short, focused, to the point. No fluff, no small talk. We talk 5 days a week by appointment, for five minutes or so. This conversation sets the tone for your day and raises your point of attraction. During that time, with my guidance, you prepave your day, set your intentions and tell your story the way you want it to be. This can unfold in three different ways: 1 – If you are feeling connected and inspired, you tell me your story the way you want it to be. 2 – If you are almost there but aren’t quite sure how to speak it into being, I guide you into choosing the words that most lift you into the experience of it. Or 3 – on days when you are just not feeling at all connected and just can’t get there from here I will gently guide you with questions, processes and visualizations to move you into allowing your desires to unfold.

Fee: $89 week
Pay for one week - $89

Questions? Call or email for no cost, Intro Session.
Not ready yet for one on one coaching? See our Accelerated Attraction Mastery program.

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“Close the Gap” (formerly called From Stuck to Stuff) Monthly Coaching - $420 month
Who: For new users of law of attraction who want a deeper understanding of the principles of law of attraction and
For experienced users who want to become familiar with processes and exercises that work.
For anyone, beginner or experienced, who is feeling stuck in their manifesting.

Why: You ask. Source gives. You receive. Many of us don’t believe it works so simply. But we want to believe it. The dilemma that derails most people is that the energy of asking is not the same as the energy of receiving. Most people stay stuck in the ‘asking’, which only brings more asking, and consequently, frustration. Close the Gap coaches you to receive your desires.

How it works: We talk once a week for 3 weeks per month. Each session is 40 – 50 minutes. Each session may include progressive, systematic techniques, practices, exercises and meditations to align your thoughts, desires, beliefs and expectations into a dynamic force for positive attraction. We offer you left brain (logical and linear) explanations, understandings and connections. And we support you with right brain (intuitive and visionary) processes and practices.

Coaching is a process. Change often happens in a short time, but to sustain the change made by creating new energetic patterns may take several months. While I do not make formal time agreements with my clients, I recommend you commit to coaching for a minimum of three to six months in order to make this experience as valuable as possible.

My coaching fee for this program is $420 per month, for three 40 – 50 minute calls each month. There are no other charges and clients may call or email me in between sessions. Individual, add-on sessions are available for $150 each.

Fee: $420 per month or
Fee: $1130 for 3 months (10% discount; save $130)
Pay for one month: $420 month

Pay for 3 months: $1130.

Questions? Call or email for no cost, Intro Session.
Not ready yet for one on one coaching? See our Accelerated Attraction Mastery program.

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"Full Immersion" - coaching $1500 per month
Who: for those who want it all – right now!
Also for those with a lot of negative self-talk and strong counter programming – whether from media, parents or social conditioning.

Why: Some of us have very strong programming against having our desires manifest – whether we don’t believe we are deserving, or we don’t think our desires are possible. Full Immersion maximum intensity coaching prevents you from going back to your old set-point on the topic of your desire.

How it works: Call as often as you need to raise your vibe, ask questions or just to bring yourself back into alignment. Daily access to coaching seven days a week with no appointment needed. Guaranteed to raise your vibe into receiving mode. You also receive free access to articles, ebooks, and specials.

Fee: $1500 per month
Pay for Full Immersion - $1500

Questions? Not sure? Call or email for no cost, Intro Session.
Not ready yet for one on one coaching? See our Accelerated Attraction Mastery program.

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Introductory Coaching Session -- no cost
A brief session of about 15 minutes so we can get to know each other and decide if we want to work together. No obligation. Please email me at: AskLorna (at) for a convenient time.

Take the next step!

Call 215-222-3149 or email
me at AskLorna (at) for
a ‘no cost’ get acquainted appointment.

You will feel a sense of trust in the process
You will see signs that your desire is coming to you
You will be more relaxed
You will be more joyful
You will be more attuned with your Higher Self
You will understand alignment.
You will experience increasing joy, ease, intuition, confidence, and connection with your Inner Being.
You will experience brief moments of pure bliss.

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"I have had a number of breakthroughs in bringing about results I want in my life."