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Law of Attraction Response
to Virginia Tech

by Lorna Levy

  •    We remember that we only see Source – that we don’t see, acknowledge or believe in evil.
  •    We understand that we cannot solve a problem with the same mentality that created it (quoting Einstein), so we take our attention from the world of appearance and put our minds on Truth.

  •    We remember that we all have free will – even and especially those who chose to die in a mass murder.

  •     We remember that everyone is Source Energy, – even the killer; and that everyone’s actions – however misguided they appear - are an impulse toward God. In the killer’s case, he was acting to relieve his pain.

  •    Since everyone is Source, acting to express more of themselves as Source, we find compassion in our hearts for the killer and for the families and loved ones of those killed who are left to understand and cope. We don’t feel sorrow or compassion for the ‘victims’ because we don’t believe in ‘victims’; we believe in the eternality of life and we believe in choice.

  •    We understand that as long as there is free will, people may choose to leave this plane in groups. We’ve had holocausts, 911, tsunamis, hurricanes, snipers, and war. The energy is the same.

  •    We remember that we always have a choice about how to respond. We can choose fear or we can choose peace.

  •    We understand that violence begets violence. We act to become the “change we wish to see in the world” to quote Gandhi. We do this by: turning away from the fear mongering of the media, by not giving our attention to violence in any form, particularly not violence as entertainment in movies, TV, or music. We monitor our own thoughts and feelings.

  •     We go into our hearts and ask to see the perfection in this.

  •     And we shine our light of consciousness brightly into the world, knowing that positive thoughts aligned with Source are many hundreds of times stronger than negative thoughts unaligned with Source.