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Lorna Levy
Metaphysical Vitae

Energy Healing

1. Applied Kinesiology, One Brain, and Touch for Health with
    Connie Mohn - 2 years

2. Therapeutic Touch - 2 years

3. Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique,
    Emotional Freedom and Healing and other Meridian energy
    studies since 1996

4. Courses in Quantum healing, quantum physics, Radical
    Reality with Robynne Wayne

5. Chakra healing – Amy Bortner

6. Energy healing seminars with Sharon Forrest - 2 years

7. Flower Essences with kinesiology - Katz and Kaminski

8. Folk medicine class at U. of P., Anthropology Dept.,

9. Color healing – NYC ‘- one semester

10. Colorpuncture – West Chester, PA

11. Studies in human energy field with J. Amoroso and Barbara
      Brennan graduates – one year

12. Studies in human energy field with – Valerie Hunt

13. Dowsing for Human Energy Fields – Albert Schatz, SFFI

14. Energy medicine – Connie Mohn

15. Shiatsu – Watari Ohashi – NYC

16. Psychoneuroimmunology

17. Psych-K seminar, basic level

18. Energetics of Healing – Norm Sheely, Candace Pert, Bruce

Yoga and Meditation Studies

19. TM - Transcendental meditation

20. Vipassana and Insight meditation

21. On-going meditator – “go within or go without”

22. Siddha Yoga; received Shaktipat from Muktananda

23. Studies in yoga as a metaphysical lifestyle – Integral Yoga
      Retreats – Pomfret, CT. - 2 years

24. Studies in Integral yoga – NY, NY

25. Studies in raja yoga – NY, NY

26. Studies in Iyengar yoga – Phila. - Joan White – one

27. Studies in kundalini yoga - NY, NY – one semester

28. Studies in Bikram yoga – Phila.

29. Tantra as sacred expression

30. Frequent sat sang at Siddha Yoga Dham, Philly ongoing

31. Meditation and sat sang with Sri Sri Sri Sivabalayogi Maharaj       2 times

Past Life Regression Studies

32. Regression Therapy- 10 week hypnosis class – Evelyn

33. Regression studies with Stanley Lucas – one year

34. Workshop with Roger Woolger

35. Member of APART and IARRT

36. Seminars – ARE, Va. Beach, VA – life purpose, dreams,

37. Ericksonian hypnosis

Pagan Activities

38. Wicca studies – Hand of Aries, Anne Duckworth - 5 years

39. Solitary Wiccan

40. Dianic (Wiccan) Full moon study group 7 years

41. Coven - Twelve Wild Swans - 13 moons

42. High Priestess Summer Solstice

43. Studies in Goddess thealogy

Herbal Studies

44. Many herbal and healing seminars -Michael DiPalma,
      Evelyn, Snook, Rosemary Gladstar, Jim Duke, Diane
      DeLuca, Maureen Rodgers

45. Homeopathy

46. Aromatherapy seminars Colleen Dodt, Jacques Francois,
      Jeanne Rose

Channeled and Intuitive Studies

47. Workshops on Seth – Amy Bortner

48. Intuition study groups, workshops and seminars - Cheryl
      Macklin, Christine Page, Dennis Rose

49. Abraham studies and seminars since 2001

50. Study group – Course in Miracles

51. Study Group – Conversations With God

52. Study Group – Search for God - Edgar Cayce

53. Courses in Channeling – Wash. Crossing, PA, – Sheila
      Reynolds and Sandra Stevens

54. Lazaris workshops with Jach Pursell – 3 years

55. Seth studies - ongoing

56. Studies in manifestation and conscious creation – Seth, Abraham, Orin and DaBen, Chris Rile, Susan James, Spangler, John Price, SOM

57. Studies in Devic energy, Perelandra and Findhorn

Religious Studies

58. Completion of Science of Mind I, II, and III classes

59. Tao Te Ching – Paris - one semester

60. Kabbalah studies - Paris - one semester

61. Theosophy: United Lodge and Theosophical Society - Phila and NY, NY

62. Studies in Zen, Chi Chung, Hinduism, Vedas, Islam, Wicca, Christian history and biblical archeology

General Metaphysical

63. Tarot – Rev. Ben Burchall

64. Numerology studies – Rev. Ben Burchall

65. Prosperity studies - ongoing

66. Lectures by Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Larry Dossey, Shakti Gawain, Valerie Hunt, Iyanla Vanzant

67. Palmistry - self taught

68. Visualization, GIM - guided imagery with music – John Amoroso

69. Attended Shirley MacLaine’s workshop

70. Studies in synchronicity

71. UFO studies – extraterrestrial visitation research

72. Worked and studied with Swami Virato – New Frontier Magazine – one year

73. Studies in Feng Shui and energy of place – Melinda Joy Miller

74. Studies at UCLA – Univ. at Corner of Lenox Ave., NYC Kanya Kekuumba - - 2 years

75. Prosperity Partnership – 2 years

76. Studies in simplicity

77. Astrology – National Center for Geocosmic Research – NYC - 2 years

78. Astrology, yoga, mythology, paganism, regression, healing touch, – New School Univ.

79. Studies in effective and scientific prayer – Larry Dossey

80. Biblical veracity – ongoing

81. Studies with Zolar (Don Papon) over ten years


82. Courses in chaos theory, string theory, quantum physics, unified field theory and systems theory

83. Lost Years of Jesus – CSL, Don Papon

84. Pathwork study group – Pieriakos

85. Studies in Perennial Philosophy – J. Amoroso

86. Dream and sleep studies – New School

87. Transpersonal psychology – John Amoroso – non-matric. Ph.D. program

88. MBA, The Wharton School

89. Swedenborg, biblical history and archaeology, Islamic and middle eastern history – New School University

Coaching Studies

90. Master Mind Group – Philadelphia, PA

91. Studies with Coach U – 2 years

92. founding member - CoachVille

93. Studies with CoachVille - ongoing

94. Metaphysical coaching SIG

95. Body-mind-spirit coaching SIG

Studies in Consciousness Expansion

96. Silva Method – Phila.

97. Taught Silva method – - 2 years

98. Silva method study group member – 5 years

99. Insight I and II Transformational Seminars - 2 years

100. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Master – Yardley – Newtown, PA,

101. Practitioner - Center for Spiritual Living - RSI

102. Studies in personal transformational training

103. Seminars with Sun Bear, the Bear Tribe


SFFI: Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship
ARE: Association for Research and Enlightenment
IONS - Institute of Noetic Sciences
ISSSEEM: Institute for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine
Founding member – CAPHA: Citizens Alliance for Progressive Health Awareness
Charter member - Center for Spiritual Living
Mensa: The High IQ Society - 25 year member
Assoc. for Transpersonal Psychology.
International Herb Association
IHGMA International Herb Growers and Marketers Association
APART: Association of Past Life Research and Therapy
IANDS: International Association for Near Death Studies
AGNT - Association for Global New Thought
ACEP - Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
Association For Coaching Excellence
PACA – Phila Area Coaching Alliance
BPCA – Black Professional Coaches Association


NICABM – San Diego, April 1998
Mensa AG – Birmingham, Philadelphia, Las Vegas
Herbs – IHGMA - San Jose
IHA - Redmond, WA
IHGMA - Baltimore, MD.
HHA - Hawaii
IHA - Albuquerque
African Herbs – Baltimore, MD -- Dr. Anthony Andoh
PA Herb Society Guild
American Herb Assoc. – Joe Pye chapter – W. Virginia
Herbal Women’s Conference - MA -- 3
American Booksellers Assoc. – Miami
NYC - twice
American Holistic Medical Assoc. – Philly
Religious Freedom Conference – Salem, MA
Natural Products Expo – Balt., MD - 5 times
SFFI – Allentown, PA, Phila. – 5 times
Free Spirit – 3 times
Assoc. of Past Life Research and Therapy – Baltimore MD; Wash. DC; Hollywood, FL
Silent Retreat – Sivananda Ashram, Pomfret Center, CT – two times
IANDS - Vancouver, B.C.
Lammas Day Celebration Mayfair Farm - 9 yrs
Revelations - Agape
AGNT – IONS joint conference Palm Springs, CA
Living New Thought - Jean Houston
Colorado Seth Conference
Philadelphia Seth Conference - 2 years
ACEP Energy Psychology Conf.


1. MBA, Wharton
2. Mensa member
3. Proctor, Mensa admission test
4. Ph.D. credits in Statistics at Wharton
5. Ordained -- Church of Seven Planes
6. Herbalist 10 years
7. Owner of herb businesses, Gaia Botanicals and Terra Treasures - ten years
8. Editor, Herbal Education Guide
9. Research and Development Director for Ashley’s Natural Products – three years
10. Formulation and marketing consultant to herbal products businesses
11. Manufacturer of herbal health and beauty products for bath and body
12. Bookstore manager - 3 years - Center for Spiritual Living
13. Successful self employment as herbalist
14. Surviving life this far
15. Licensed Religious Science Practitioner
16. Skippers Certification - Miami Sailing School
17. publisher: Alignment: the Ezine for Deliberate Creation
18. Founder: Blacks in Spirituality -- yahoo group
19. Founder: Free Your Mind And . . -- yahoo group
20. Moderator: Abraham Experiences -- yahoo group
21. Published author on multiple Internet sites
22. Columnist on Law of Attraction - The Indicator Magazine

Not Yet, but Immanent Accomplishments *

Ph.D. in Consciousness Studies
Spiritual development and training courses on the web
Past life regression counselor
Founder of a university of metaphysics
Director of East Coast Spiritual Emergence Network
Faculty member of 3 or 4 universities
Famous orator and motivational speaker
World renown healer and light bringer

Current Areas of Study

Manifestation, reality creation and quantum physics
PNI: psychoneuroimmunology
Sacred Sounds - Power of words and sound to effect change
PNP: philosophical neuro psychology
Positive psychology

PhD Dissertation – coming soon

Accessing the Zero Point: Common Threads in Reality Creation: Magick in Wicca, Prayer Treatment in SOM and Channeled Studies - Abraham, Seth, etc:. A comparison of the ways they access the Unified Field of quantum physics


Practitioner Certification in Intuitive Studies
with Christine Page, M.D.
Certificate in Holistic Healing with Christine Paige and Norm Sheely
Master NLP Practitioner
Certified Hypnotist
Certified Alignment Coach
Certified in Emotional Freedom and Healing
Regression Therapist
Master Law Of Attraction Coach
Certified Spiritual Energy Coach
Licensed Religious Science Practitioner

Volunteer Positions

African American Museum in Philadelphia
Proctor for Mensa Qualifying Test
American Booksellers Association - 3 years
Body Mind Spirit Expo - 5 years
Philadelphia Flower Show – 3 years
Lead volunteer at Phila. Holistic Health Fair – five years
Philadelphia Aids Task Force
Morris Animal Refuge
Center for Spiritual Living – 15 years

Discussion and Study Group Organizer
Philadelphia MeetUp Coordinator for:
Law of Attraction - Abraham-Hicks
Conversations With God
What the Bleep
Ladies of Achievement law of attraction
Philly Foodies
Facillitator – Marvelous Mondays- Philly SOM Outreach

Internet Presence - redirects to amethyst - in development - in dev.

Alignment – the Ezine of Deliberate Creation, publisher